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    Vurgon™ Waterproof Phone Case

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    Would you like to watch videos or movies while taking a shower?

    This is just what you are looking for!

    Our  Vurgon™ Waterproof Phone Case lets you watch videos on your phone even in the shower, without worrying about dropping it or water damage.

    Benefits of Vurgon™ Waterproof Phone Case:

    • Bathroom Phone Case - Watch videos on your phone even in the shower without worrying about water damage or dropping your mobile.
    • Waterproof Seal - Designed with waterproof silicone to prevent water from seeping in.
    • Touch Screen - It has a touch has high sensitivity touch screen, you can even use the touch screen while showering.
    • Anti-Fog Screen - Resistant to fogging and condensation, consistently providing a clear, high definition vision.
    • Size - 4.14in (10.5cm) x 7.5in (19cm) x 1.1in (2.8cm)
    • Easy to install

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