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    Vurgon™ Oxygen-Enriched Water Shower Head

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    Do you want to experience the comfort and benefits of the oxygen-enriched water shower?

    The new Vurgon shower head adds oxygen to the water, is pressurized and can rotate to 360º.

    Most Efficient

    The mixture of oxygen and water created by the Vurgon engine blasts away dirt and odor with incredible strength. 

    The Vurgon engine is what drives our spray settings. Water is first introduced into a pressure chamber that works like a mini turbine jet, increasing water velocity. The pressurized and expanded water is released through the shower head nozzles, creating a highly efficient use of water that conserves energy and water.

    Supercharged Water Droplets

    Adding oxygen to water is like filling up a balloon with air. It makes the water droplets expand so they come out of the shower head larger and wider, covering more of you when you shower.

    Improves water pressure by 200% and saves up to 35% water

    Our Award Wining design shower head is equipped with tiny laser-cut water holes, resulting in luxurious high pressure water while still looking after the environment by saving as much as 35% water.

    Saving the environment, while saving money at the same time.

    Easy Installation

    No need to call a plumber.  3 In 1 High-Pressure Showerhead can be easily installed without tools. It is compatible with all shower hose and shower accessories.


    • Never clog: Vurgon shower heads don't clog. Never have, never will.
    • High quality materials: Our shower heads are built to last and are made from the highest quality materials, both inside and out.
    • Measures: 3.5inch (9cm) x 10.6inch (27cm)

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