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    Multifunction Broom - Vurgon™

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    Do you have the following problems when cleaning your home?

    ❌ Hair gets tangled in the broom.
    ❌ Removing dust is difficult.
    Removing dirty water stains.

    You will no longer have these problems with our multifunction broom.

    This broom has been designed with revolutionary technology that will make your everyday life better. It will allow you to reach every corner and spot, so you can keep your space spotless!

    Benefits of the Multifunction Broom - Vurgon™

    • Multifunctional 2 in 1 broom: Not only sweeps but also scrapes! This broom effectively dries the floor surface and easily removes dirt and hair. It can be used to clean pet hair, liquid, glass fragments, breadcrumbs, etc.
    • Adjustable Wiping Sweeper: Its extra long handle also allows you to safely reach high windows without the need for stools or ladders and other hard-to-reach places. It's adjustable from 60cm to 90cm.
    • Scenarios of use: Suitable for living room, kitchen, swimming pool, garage, bathroom, it can also be used for cleaning windows.
    • Save Space: The non-slip handle can be hung, which is convenient for storage and saves space!
    • Easy to Clean.

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